Chocolate Lover’s Delight Candle

When I first thought of making a chocolate lover’s food candle, I started with a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream frosting. To make this candle, I used a silicone cupcake mold. After centering a wick in the mold. I filled it with melted wax. I used Golden Soy 416, a chocolate cream cheese fragrance, and a yellow dye chip.

Once the yellow wax had set, I took it out of the mold and topped it with a black chocolate cake. To do this I mixed Golden Soy 416 with a chocolate cream cheese fragrance, and a mixture of brown and black dye chips. To cool the wax, I poured it onto a marble cutting board. I then used a butter knife to move it back and forth until it had cooled enough to start holding together. Working quickly I used the knife to apply the “cake” around the top of the simulated yellow cupcake holder.

I did the same thing with the frosting but made a different shade of brown wax by mixing brown dye chips with yellow to create more of a melt chocolate fragrance. Since candy sprinkles are made from food grade wax, I sprinkled the freshly applied frosting with a colorful candy garnish that really helped with making this cupcake pop.

While I was please with the cupcake, the neat thing about candles is that they allow us to be whimsical. Since I really wanted to go all out with a chocolate theme, I thought about stacking different chocolate products together to make a taller candle. This is what I came up with.

The base was a S’mores that was made using a pair of wax graham crackers between which was sandwiched a semi melted square of chocolate topped with a toasted marshmallow.

I put a brownie on top of the S’mores and topped that with a chocolate chip cookie and an Oreo.

I then topped that with a chocolate cupcake with chocolate butter cream frosting. While the wax for the frosting was still soft, I added a topping of candy sprinkles. Candy sprinkles are made with food grade quality wax and will melt when the candle is lit.

Pictured below are closeups of the component parts of this chocolate lover’s candle.

After sharing a picture of this on reddit, one person suggested that I add a chocolate candy garnish to the top of the cupcake. Although I had originally planed to do this, I literally ran out of space. After threading the wick through all of the component parts of this candle, I barely had enough room to accommodate the cupcake. Instead of being able to add a nice spiraling mound of frosting with a chocolate candy garnish centered on the top, I had to forgo the chocolate and minimalize the use of simulated frosting otherwise the wick would have been completely obscured.

I may have to do a variation of this candle by omitting the S’mores so I could have room for chocolate candies. If I hadn’t run out of wick, I would have topped the cupcake with a chocolate candy that had a hollowed top that I would have used for a strawberry jam filling. The wick would have emerged through the center of this candy.

What do you think? How could I make this candle more chocolatey? Please feel free to list your constructive suggestions in the comments section below.

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