Breakfast Candles

I made this stack of silver dollar pancakes topped with a bacon strip using a silicone mold from an Etsy store, ChandlerAnniesMolds. The candle smells of buttermilk pancakes, crispy bacon, and maple syrup. After threading the wick through the pancakes and stacking them together, I used colored candle gel to simulate a ridiculous amount of butter and maple syrup.

The nice thing about food themed candles is that you don’t have to worry about portion sizes, cholesterol, or calories. Since my doctor put me on a low carb keto diet, I can’t eat pancakes or syrup at this time. Making this candle is the closest I’ve been to real pancakes in two and a half months.

I draped the bacon over the stack of pancakes by using two pieces of molded bacon which I literally “glued” together using melted bacon colored wax that I dabbed over the seam. As you can see in this picture, the seam where the bacon drops 90 degrees down the side of the pancakes isn’t visible. The melted wax blended into the bacon seamlessly. (And yes, that was a pun. It was also the literal truth.)

Related to the idea of stacked pancakes are these stacked waffles. As with the pancakes, I threaded a wick through a small stack of waffles. I then garnished the waffles with fresh berries and drenched the stack with wax gel that I colored to resemble melted butter and maple syrup. This candle smells like waffles, fresh berries, and maple syrup.

To really make this candle pop, I dusted it with corn starch to simulate powdered sugar.

An alternate topping that I’ve thought about using would be crispy bacon with toasted pecans. I could also used fried chicken tenders but I can’t find a good source for a chicken fragrance at this time. The one source I found had negative reviews regarding the throw strength of the chicken aroma.

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