A BLT Sandwich Candle

Is there anything more mouthwatering than the aroma of slow cooked crispy bacon?

Like many people during the pandemic shut down, I put on a lot of weight. Just over two months ago, my doctor put me on a low carb Keto diet. I have for the most part, been pretty good about following this diet. and have lost 21 pounds. Aside from the last day of school when I went to a Japanese restaurant and ate all sorts of things that I’m not supposed to be eating such as a bowl of steaming udon noodles, egg rolls, and fried rice (as a side dish for the fried scallops that I enjoyed with a crab sauce; I’ve largely stayed away from carbohydrates.

Making candles has largely helped with keeping me on the straight and narrow. As funny as it sounds, making faux food candles has actually helped with keeping my mind off of food. The candles I make look real. They also smell real. This satisfies two of the five senses and when I’m making candles, I don’t feel nearly as hungry as I might if I was just sitting before the television and watching a movie.

The candle pictured above was my third (and most successful) attempt in making a realistic looking BLT candle sandwich. Pictured below is one of my earlier creations. My biggest problem with this product was the lack of lettuce. I improvised by making leaves from assorted silicone leaf molds but was not entirely pleased with the outcome.

Surprisingly enough, I found a vendor on Etsy who was selling this plastic burger mold. While I didn’t particularly care about the burger patty and bread, I couldn’t help but notice how nice the lettuce leaf looked. I also liked the look of the sliced tomato.

Since the mold only cost $5.60, I went ahead and purchased it. The lettuce and tomato slices came out great! Pictured here is the BLT candle in the process of assembly. The tomato slice was PERFECT. The lettuce had some nice details but since the color of the molded wax was slightly off, I wound up fixing this with acrylic paint after the sandwich had been completely assembled.

I used green wax from the “lettuce” and white was from the “mayonnaise” to help bind all of the component parts of this BLT candle together.

Although you can’t tell from looking at this picture, when I added the top slice of “bread” to complete this candle, the bread broke in half since the wax filling inside this sandwich was uneven. I fixed this by the simple method of melting wax and using a butter knife to “glue” the bread slice back together.

This BLT was a lot of fun to make. Once I figured out how to assemble this candle, the process of completing it went pretty quickly. Although Tasty-Candles will likely always carry a few of these particular candles, I don’t envision this as being something I will ever produce in large amounts.

This item had a lot of components and it took a considerable amount of time and effort to produce and assemble this candle. Since no one else appears to be making anything similar, I expect that I could sell these particular candles for a premium price.

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