Cupcake Candles

Cupcakes make wonderful candles. They’re easy to make. They’re big enough that they could burn for up to sixteen hours depending upon how tall they are. They only need one wick. They also come in a nearly endless variety of colors and aromas. My workshop currently stocks vanilla, chocolate, German chocolate, banana bread, blueberry muffin, strawberries and cream, birthday cake, and carrot cake aromas. If you visit any candle making store, you’ll see many other fragrances including orange, cinnamon-apple, pumpkin, and cranberry just to name a few.

Adding a frosted topping to a candle could be as simple as using a butter knife to spread the wax after it has cooled enough to start gelling. That’s what I did with the candle pictured above, There are also all sorts of molds that may be used to make many types of frosted toppings which may then be placed over your completed cupcake candle.

Some of these molds are sold as separate frosted tops as seen in the top two pictures below. Others are sold as all in one items. These molds are typically partially split down the side to make it easier to get the completed molds out. When pouring hot wax into these containers, the mold has to be held tightly closed through the use of rubber bands.

Another reason I like cupcake candles is because there are all sorts of decorative garnishes that may be used. Since candy sprinkles are made with food grade quality wax, sprinkles may be used to add a colorful and decorative accent to your completed candle. Pictured below is the same chocolate cupcake that’s shown at the top of this post. After adding the last bit of cooling wax, I dusted it with candle sprinkles and gently pressed them into the soft wax. To help the sprinkles stick and to keep the frosting nice and shiny, I coated this candle with a glossy enamel spray.

For this strawberry and cream candle, I added pressed strawberries into the cooling wax. I then added the sprinkles and as with the chocolate cupcake, I coated this candle using a gloss enamel spray.

Here’s a yellow cake cupcake that’s topped with a blueberry frosting. The garnish included blueberries.

This chocolate cupcake used a molded frosted topping. I added a jam stuffed chocolate to the very top of the frosting.

When making cupcake candles, the only real limits are those of your imagination. These candles may be made using a variety of colors and fragrances. The icing can look intricately piped or it can be spread on with a butter knife. Candy sprinkles, fruit, nuts, and other items may also be used as decorative garnishes. As with any candle product, these garnishes are best applied when the wax is still soft. Gentle pressure with a sponge will press these garnishes into the wax which will then securely hold them after it sets.

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