Using a Silicone Doughnut Mold to Make Doughnut Candles

I recently purchased a silicone doughnut mold through FlexibleMolds, an Etsy vendor. Since doughnuts have a hole in their center this raised two questions. How many wicks would be needed to make these into a candle and where should they go?

I used Golden Soy 444 to make a wax doughnut (1). I then used the end of a paperclip that was heated over a gas burner to melt holes through this model so that I could add three wicks. The wicks were placed an equal distance apart to form a triangle (2). Warm yellow-brown wax was then painted onto the candle to add a deep fried color (3). Glitter mixed with a touch of ground cinnamon was dusted over this candle to give it a cinnamon sugar appearance. (4).

Although I could have poured a yellow-brown wax into the doughnut mold, doing this would have created a homogenously colored product. A real doughnut wouldn’t look like this. Parts of it would be a darker golden brown while other parts would be lighter. Pictured below is a real cinnamon-sugar doughnut. Noticed the varied shadings of yellow-brown.

Since soy candles have to cure for two weeks before they may be test burned, the other doughnuts I made this evening have not yet had their wicks installed. In addition to the cinnamon-sugar doughnut candle, I also made these candles. Pictured below from top left going clockwise: Chocolate frosted doughnut, glazed doughnut, mocha chocolate frosted doughnut topped with flaked coconut, jelly doughnut.

The jelly doughnut was made by filling in the doughnut hole and adding a glaze to the top. To complete the illusion of a stuffed doughnut, I poked a hole in the side and added some strawberry colored candle gel to simulate jelly.

NOTE: This post will be updated in two weeks after the cinnamon-sugar doughnut has had enough time to cure so that it may be test burned.

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