How to Make a Toast and Jelly Candle

To make a toast and jelly candle you need a sliced bread mold. I purchased my molds from FlexibleMolds, an Etsy vendor. After melting Golden Soy Wax 444, I added 10% of its weight with a bread fragrance. I also added yellow and brown colorants. The picture above shows what the model was like when it came out of the mold.

To make this into toast, I used acrylic paint. Although I could have used colored wax, the wax would have obscured the features of the bread by filling in all of the nooks and crannies. Unless the acrylic paint is really thick, the colorant will follow the contours of the surface without covering up any of the fine details.

I started with brown paint and dabbed the paint over the surface of the sliced bread using a small flat brush. Since toast has different shades of brown, I then mixed some orange and yellow paint with brown on the paper plate that I was using as a palette.

I then dabbed this paint over the surface of the bread.

Black paint was also used for some light charring. Since toast only needs a little black paint, after wetting the brush, I dabbed it on the palette until most of the black paint was off the brush. I then used this brush to create the illusion of light charring on the bread. I also used yellow-brown paint to add the illusion of a crust to these models.

After letting the paint dry, I stacked three slices of toast, gluing them together with grape scented wax. Holes for the wicks were made by applying the heated tip of a meat thermometer that I warmed over a gas burner. NOTE: Regardless of what tool you use to melt a hole for a wick, avoid trying to drill a hole through the wax. Heat is your friend and will melt the hole you need. Force will cause the wax to fracture and break.

The grape jelly was made by mixing a bit of purple colored soy wax with medium density candle gel. I used a grape fragrance to provide the jelly’s aroma. While the soy wax can hold 10% of its weight in fragrance, be aware that gel can only 4% of its weight. To extend the jelly’s fragrance, I also scented the butter pat with a grape aroma.

While I could have made a candle using a single slice of toast, I opted for a trio of bread slices to create a longer lasting candle. The procedure I described in this post could just as easily be used to make French toast.

It could also be used to make grilled cheese.

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