The Challenge of Assembling a Pancake Candle

Any breakfast lover knows that when golden brown pancakes are stacked one on top of another, the pancakes bend, conforming to the contours of the flapjack that’s beneath them. They are not rigid like this.

I made these pancakes using Golden Soy Wax 444 and a silicone mold from one of my favorite suppliers, FlexibleMolds on Etsy. As with real pancakes, these models don’t have flat tops. Chemical leaveners in real pancakes cause these breakfast foods to rise. A real pancake will typically have a lightly rounded top. As you can see in the above picture, after placing the third pancake on top of this short stack, there was a noticeable gap between the top and middle pancakes. For that matter, there was also a gap between the middle and bottom pancakes but I addressed this issue prior to taking this picture.

The simple but slightly time consuming solution was to use warm wax (on the verge of becoming solid) to fill in the gaps. I did this using a popsicle stick which has the advantage of being cheap and disposable. Before the wax set I used a finger to smooth away any rough edges. When I was finished, the pancakes looked like this.

I then heated the tip of a meat thermometer to melt holes for the wicks. After inserting the wicks, I added some butter. The pancake mold I bought from FlexibleMolds included a mold for two pats of butter.

Since pancakes have golden brown tops, I added some orange and brown to the pancake colored wax. After melting the wax, I literally painted the tops. This included the middle pancake which I slightly offset to make the candle look more visually interesting. I then added some berries for color and some maple syrup that was made from soy wax, gelatin, and colorants (black, brown, orange, and yellow). To keep the butter and syrup looking moist, I sprayed the completed candle with gloss enamel spray.

This pancake candle smells of buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup. The blueberries also smell like blueberries while the strawberry smells like a strawberry. As with most of my other food themed candles, I used Golden Soy Wax 444. After measuring out the wax, I added 10% of its weight with fragrance oil.

Candle Pro Tip: Since melted wax is always darker than cooled wax, I always test the color prior to pouring it into a mold. To do this, I use a popsicle stick and a paper plate. After sticking the stick into the melted wax, I put some drops on the plate to check the color. In this picture, I was working to adjust the color of some bacon colored wax prior to pouring it. Doing this saved me a considerable amount of time since I didn’t have to then re-melt the wax or to paint it.

The pancake candle that I made today will be added to my short list of breakfast foods. I have previously made a French toast candle and a stack of silver dollar pancakes.

Since the silver dollar pancakes were by themselves, not very visually interesting, I added a decorative accent by draping a slice of bacon over the top.

I have yet to do any egg dishes. My current project is to make a thick piece of Texas toast and to add country gravy, bacon, and a fried egg to the top of the toast. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

I am also working on some blueberry muffins.

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