A Steak Candle

Ever since I found beef and hickory smoke candle fragrances, I’ve been wanting to make a grilled steak candle. The problem was that I couldn’t find anyone who made a realistic steak mold. The closest I was able to get was a plastic mold from Amazon (pictured below, bottom left hand corner) which cost over $24.00. While the models made from this mold were okay, I thought they lacked the fine detail that you can get from a silicone mold. The sides in particular lacked any discernable texture. I therefore made my own mold. I grilled a steak, froze it, glued it to the bottom of a container, and poured silicone over it. After letting the silicone set for 24 hours and then freezing the mold (so as to more easily remove the steak), I was able to produce the wax steak pictured below, top right.

Although I could have stuck some wicks into the steak, I decided to build vertical height and to add color by including some vegetables. I added some baby carrots, asparagus tips, and mushrooms. The mushrooms and asparagus came from made from scratch molds The carrot mold came from an Etsy vendor.

To finish the steak I finished it with herbed garlic butter.

While the steak smells of hickory smoke and beef, I gave the vegetables a bacon aroma. The butter smells of bacon and garlic.

Although I’m happy with the way this candle turned out, I’m currently sourcing another silicone mold for the asparagus. The asparagus from my mold keeps breaking when I take it out of the mold. To make things worse, this candle originally had a piece of asparagus angled over a baby carrot at a 45 degree angle. After realizing that the asparagus would likely break if handled or bumped while in shipment, I repositioned this vegetable which again broke when I moved it. By laying the asparagus flat, I hope to minimize any future issues with breakage. I will likely strengthen future asparagus models by making them from beeswax instead of soy.

Assuming I find a reliable mold for making asparagus, this gourmet steak candle will join my growing list of candles to produce and sell. By making food themed candles that nobody else makes, I hope to differentiate myself from the competition by NOT HAVING any competition.

While I may carry a few beverages, cupcakes, tarts, and pie slices; since this will only be a part time business and since my production time will be limited once the school year resumes, I am currently thinking of focusing my production efforts on breakfast foods like pancakes and French toast along with steak and sandwiches i.e. burgers, sliders, BLTs, sloppy joes, grilled cheese, meatball hoagies, and open faced breakfast sandwiches.

To keep customers coming back, I may also produce a few specialty candles like this grilled fish or beef with broccoli.

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