Assembling an Open Faced Breakfast Sandwich Candle

Real open faced turkey sandwich

In Culinary Arts an open faced sandwich is a slice of bread that’s served with a savory topping. Pictured above is a real turkey sandwich that was made by topping bread with mashed potatoes, gravy, and shredded turkey.

As a former breakfast chef I used to make Texas toast topped with country gravy, bacon, and a fried egg. Since I’m on a keto diet and can’t make this in real life since I’m avoiding carbs, I thought I’d make this a candle.

wax bread slice

I started out with a thick sliced bread that I bought from FlexibleMolds on Etsy. I’d share the link but the store has sold out of this particular item.

Acrylic paints (brown, orange-brown, and black) were dabbed onto the wax mold to simulate the color of toasted bread.

wax bread slice that was painted to resemble toast

I then added wicks and a piece of bacon. To make this more visually interesting, I draped the bacon off the sides of the bread by literally adding warm bacon colored wax to the sides of the bread. Black acrylic paint was used to give the simulated bacon some light charring.

Since country gravy is made with fried crumbled breakfast sausages, I used brown acrylic paint to color some broken wax bacon bits.

After these pieces dried, I made a country gravy by melting soy wax with just a light touch of brown. Once the “gravy” was starting to cool, I stirred the brown pieces in and used a spoon to add the country gravy to the Texas toast.

Although I had originally intended to add a whole fried egg, space limitations encouraged me to cut the wax yolk in half. I then put the yolk against the bacon and obscured the missing half with country gravy.

I literally used a butter knife to add egg whites to the yolk.

Since the egg whites looked chunky, I heated a butter knife over a hot gas burner. The warm knife melted the wax and made everything look nice and smooth.

I then brushed egg and country gravy with some melted wax gel. Real black pepper and some crumbled green wax were added as decorative accents.

I then finished this candle by dusting it with some real chili powder.

Here’s a close up.

Making this candle really took me back on a trip down memory lane. As a breakfast chef at a now defunct B&B Inn in Austin, Texas, I used to carry this product on the breakfast menu. It was quite popular, though most men asked for two portions while the women typically only had one.

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