An Opportunity Passed By and a French Toast with Fruit Bruschetta Candle

I recently got an email alert from regarding a job opportunity which in any previous year might have been my dream job. A major candle making company was looking for a candle formulator; a person who creates and designs candles to inspire new product lines.

Can you imagine having the opportunity to work with hundreds of different candle oil fragrances and all of the other supplies needed to make candles? If it wasn’t for the fact that I’m launching Tasty-Candles, am happily settled in a large house, and that I (largely) enjoy teaching Culinary Arts which also accords me a lot of vacation time since most teachers only work a 10 month year; I might have applied for this job. As it was, as I was writing a letter of enquiry I thought about how this job would pay slightly less than what I’m already making as a teacher. I thought about having to pack move with four cats during the height of the summer’s heat. I also thought about how this would end my opportunity to launch my own business and to become my own boss with full creative control over purchasing, design, production, packaging, marketing, sales, and shipping.

I never finished the letter and instead turned my hand towards imagining all of the different types of candles that I could make with Texas toast.

I have previously written about making open faced breakfast candles.

My thoughts turned to the endless possibilities of bruschetta. Originally conceived by Italian olive oil merchants who would offer bread for customers to dunk into a container of olive oil so they could taste this product, bruschetta eventually became known as a rustic dish of herbs and sun drenched tomatoes served with olive oil and bread.

Pictured below is a tomato bruschetta that one of my culinary classes produced as part of our study of garde manager, cold pantry cooking.

From its humble beginnings, bruschetta has evolved into a wide variety of open faced sandwiches that can literally be toped with anything. I wound up creating this French toast with mixed fruit bruschetta candle. The French toast was topped with cream cheese, a peach slice, assorted berries, and toasted walnuts. I garnished this dish with a mint leaf and powdered sugar (corn starch).

The French toast smells like French toast. The cream cheese smells like cream cheese. The fruit smells like fruit.

There are lots of things you can do with bruschetta. With the candle supplies I already have on hand, I could make a pizza bruschetta with a zesty Marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese, mushrooms, fried onions, and pepperoni. I could make a vegetarian bruschetta with cream cheese, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, and baby carrots.

This is one thing I like about being my own boss. Each day is different. Each day is a blank canvas that’s waiting to be painted.

As I think about it, I envision Tasty-Candles as a food themed candle making company which offers a stock of burgers, sliders, and hot dogs while also offering a continually rotating menu of candles with limited production runs like French toast with mixed fruit bruschetta and open faced breakfast sandwiches.

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