Pizza, Spaghetti, and Garlic Bread Candles

The placement of candle wicks depends upon a number of factors. What kind of wax is being used to make the candle? What sort of wick will you be using? What’s the burn rate of the wick? How big is the candle?

Since most food candles that I make are technically considered (self supporting) novelty candles, I use Golden Soy Wax 444. I also use beeswax to strengthen delicate components like the graham crackers that I used to make the S’mores pictured above.

While I cannot speak for other fake food candle makers, I think that making a pizza candle is tricky. The fake pizza slice above is roughly the same length and width as the pie slice below. The wicks used for the cream cheese pie had just under a three inch diameter burn. Since this pie sliced measured 3 1/2 inches wide and 4 inches long, using three wicks provided overlapping coverage that provided an even burn.

The problem with doing something similar with a pizza was problematic because this product was only 1/4th of the thickness of a pie slice. Three wicks for a candle like this would have melted away the wax in no time at all.

I decided to do a mockup using Paint 3D to see how I might increase the thickness of the pizza by placing two slices on top of each other. Although this might have worked, I thought the appearance was sloppy. I also wouldn’t have wanted to offend anyone by thinking that I had made a Jewish star from two slices of pizza.

I then came up with the idea of expanding the bottom of the pizza by adding another food component. What if I added spaghetti with meatballs?

I played around with my drawing software and this is what I came up with.

The reality proved to be slightly different. Since the spaghetti and meatballs hadn’t been drawn to scale, I decided that I didn’t need two wicks for the spaghetti. Given the diameter burn of the wicks, I also decided to omit one wick from the top of the pizza.

The pizza fragrance I had smelled strongly of mozzarella cheese. I had to stir in other fragrances to get the aroma of a baked crust, an herbed Marinara sauce, and beefy meatballs.

Here’s a picture of spaghetti with meatballs without the pizza. To add vertical height, I added a slice of toasted garlic bread which smells amazingly realistic.

Here is a close up of the meatballs.

I liked the aroma of the garlic bread so much that I used it to make garlic bread candles out of Texas toast. To make the candle more visually interesting, I added some green herbs that I simulated by crumbling a piece of wax lettuce.

As I write this post, my kitchen smells AMAZING! The aroma of garlic bread is quite fragrant. Since I’m on a low carb Keto diet, this is the closest I’ve been to real garlic bread during the past three months. Without having exercised, I’ve now lost 30 pounds just by minimizing my carbohydrate intake!

While the pizza and spaghetti were a bit time consuming to assemble, the Texas garlic toast came together quite quickly. I will add this product to my growing list of candles to produce and sell. Although it was fun to make the spaghetti with meatballs and garlic bread as well as the spaghetti and pizza, I will likely never make very many of these products given how much time it took to assemble them.

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