Fried Chicken Lunch Candle

Having recently acquired a cheap plastic mold from an Etsy vendor for making chicken drumsticks, I decided to make a fried chicken candle. While I could have purchased a silicone mold for fried chicken from another vendor for $19.99, this plastic mold only cost $2.29.

I used two cavities in this mold to make two halves of a chicken drum stick. Since no one makes a decent fried chicken candle oil fragrance, I improvised my own using a blend from some of the 120 fragrance oils that I currently stock. Some of the fragrances I used included sage, brown sugar, beef jerky, and bacon.

After melting Golden Soy Wax 444 and adding yellow and brown candle dye to simulate the color of fried chicken, I stirred in the fragrance and poured the melted wax into the mold.

Once the wax had cooled and set, I removed the chicken halves and “glued” them together using semi-cooled wax. Although this gave me a chicken drumstick, it didn’t give me the distinctive breaded and fried coating that’s typically associated with fried chicken. To simulate the appearance of fried chicken, I literally used a butter knife to add gobs of cooling wax to the chicken leg. I did the same thing with two chicken tenders (pictured right).

After the wax had cooled, I heated the tip of a meat thermometer over a stove to melt a hole for the wick. The hole ran through the chicken drumstick from the joint down the length of the leg.

To make this candle more visually interesting, I decided to add a corn cobette, a Hawaiian roll, and two chicken tenders (from a silicone mold) to produce the candle pictured below.

The Hawaiian roll smells of freshly baked bread and butter. I used kettle corn to simulate the aroma of corn on the cob.

The corn was made from two half cobettes that I glued together using semi-cooled wax.

This candle has four wicks; one for the corn, one for the drum stick, one for the stacked chicken tenders (pictured above left), and one for the Hawaiian roll.

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