Using Acrylic Paint to Bring Life to Steak and Baked Potato Candles

I recently received a steak and baked potato mold from ChocoMolds, an Etsy vendor. Pictured above are these products as they looked when I took them out of the mold. The steak was scented to smell of hickory smoke and beef. The baked potato smells like a baked potato.

Although I could have painted the steak using a darker brown wax, the use of wax would have coated the contours and crevices of the steak; obscuring the surprisingly fine detail of this cheap $1.99 plastic mold. I painted the steak using acrylic paint. To build vertical height for a longer lasting candle and to make this candle more visually interesting, I added fried mushrooms, bacon, and an herb garnish.

To simulate fat, I used candle gel which was literally painted onto the steak’s bone. After painting the steak, I coated it with a gloss enamel spray.

To give the potato the illusion of having been baked, I painted it using melted wax that was a few shades darker than the wax I used to make the potato. I added white wax to simulate the interior. Acrylic paint was used for the butter. To make the baked potato visually pop, I added a garnish of chopped green onions that I simulated by using the crumbled portion of a wax asparagus stem from another candle making project.

The mold that I used to make the baked potato was also used to make a baked sweet potato. The sweet potato was scented to smell of brown sugar, cloves, and baked yams. After unmolding the potato, I added wax to either end to give this sweet potato candle it’s distinctive pointed tips. As with the baked potato, I painted the sweet potato using wax. Orange acrylic paint was used to paint the inside of the sweet potato. Instead of painting on butter, I used a mold to make a pat of butter.

After finishing the potatoes, I sprayed both of them with gloss enamel spray to give these products a shiny coating.

A variation of this steak candle includes this surf and turf model that I made using a made from scratch silicone steak mold. This steak features fried mushrooms, shrimp, and garlic butter that actually smells like garlic butter.

I also made this steak with a baby carrot and asparagus for added color.

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