Meat Pie Candle and Designing a New Mold

I recently got a plastic mold for a small pie from an Etsy vendor and initially used it to make this cherry pie. I chose cherry because consumer research has shown that candles with a cherry fragrance are among the most popular food themed aromas being purchased by consumers.

Although I regarded the pie as okay, it seemed to me that it was missing a wow factor. I therefore decided to make a meat pie that smells of pastry crust, beef, tomatoes, and coriander. To get the wow factor, I sliced into the completed candle to reveal a simulated filling. Here is a picture of my test model.

This beefy meat pie is reminiscent of the frozen Swanson meat pies that my mother used to serve for lunch when I was a child. Having cut away part of the crust, I hollowed out the candle and then added a filling to reveal a brown gravy, meat, peas, carrots, lima beans, and potatoes.

Since candle gel has a tendency to dry out, a deep cut into this candle allowed me to create a pocket for the gel so that it will stay moist looking and succulent. I completed this candle by spraying it with gloss enamel.

Although it was fun making this product, it was time consuming to cut away the crust and to hollow out the candle for the filling.

I have therefore decided to make a silicone mold of a pie with a precut section into which I may easily add any sort of filling that I want. The cherry pie test model was repurposed for this project.

I am now awaiting delivery of a fresh batch of silicone mix.

It’s too bad that I can’t find a candle supplier who produces a decent chicken fragrance oil. I would really enjoy making a chicken pie.

On a brighter side, the next cherry pie that I make will show a succulent cherry filling. Since I prefer blueberries to cherries, I will also likely make some blueberry pies using the new mold.

I will post pictures of these products at a later date.

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