Pie à la mode Candles and My First Packaged Products

In yesterday’s post, I wrote about brownie candles and the history of pie à la mode. Since I haven’t made a pie candle in some time, I thought I would make some blueberry pie à la mode candles to commemorate the first à la mode desserts that were ever served in the United States.

Blueberry pie à la mode was the brainchild of Chef John Gieriet who first served this dessert in his restaurant at the Hotel La Perl in Duluth, Minnesota in 1885. Although Chef Gieriet paired his pie slices with vanilla ice cream, since I had left over ingredients from other candle projects, I produced blueberry pie candles with blue berry, vanilla, and toffee crunch ice cream.

To make this ice cream, I first made blueberry jam using soy wax and medium density candle gel. The wax was colored dark purple. After letting the wax cool, once it was nearly solid I smeared it along the insides of a silicone ice cream scoop mold. I did the same thing with some toffee colored wax. After both wax ingredients were dry, I added in melted white wax that was scented with blueberry and vanilla-toffee crunch fragrance oils.

The pie crust smells like pie crust. The blueberry pie filling smells like juicy blueberries with a touch of cinnamon.

Since I just received my first order of packaging materials, I placed each blueberry pie slice candle in a plastic clamshell pie wedge container. I will likely add foam pop corn to each pie slice prior to shipment. The foam pop corn would help with cushioning the candles and to prevent damage as the box is handled by the USPS mail carrier.

Each carton also received a customized adhesive labels. Although I’ve been accepted as a member of Shop Nevada and now have access to this free website to sell my candles, I have not yet taken advantage of this since I don’t want to sell anything until the weather is much cooler. Once the on-line shop is operational, my blog will link prospective customers to my Shop Nevada Etsy-like store.

Since I had leftover wax pie dough after making a trio of blueberry pie candles, I used the remaining ingredients to produce two cherry pie candles. Each slice was topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

As with the blueberry pie candles, these pie slices were made primarily with soy wax. The moist “filling” was actually painted on using medium density gel wax that I had colored to simulate the appearance of a real filling. The blueberry pie candle used a dark purple gel while the cherry pie used a bright red.

The filling was added in three layers. The first two were underlayers which coated the soy wax. The last layer was added as the gel cooked. This allowed me to simulate the appearance of real berries by mounding the candle gel along the sides.

Although I could have used candle gel for the filling, the pie would have been too structurally weak to hold together. I know this from having tried to do this with a pecan pie slice that I made several months ago. The pie literally broke in half when I lifted it.

Unless you’re making a pie in an actual pie pan or tart shell, the secret to making a realistic pie slice is to make it with Golden Soy Wax 444 (or beeswax) and to paint the filling over the sides using candle gel. I use medium density candle gel because this gel holds 4% of its weight in candle fragrance as opposed to low density gel which can only hold 2%.

This candle gel is sold in one gallon buckets through Hobby Lobby. It may also be purchased in larger amounts directly from the manufacturer.

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