My Visit to a Notary, an Update on Tasty-Candles, and a Three Layer Strawberry Cake Candle

“I need this document notarized,” insisted the man who was ahead of me in line at the bank.

“I’d like to help you,” explained the banker, “But I have a 4 PM appointment.”

“But it’s only one document. It won’t take but a moment.”

“As I just said sir, I have a 4 PM appointment. There won’t be time to squeeze you in.”

I raised my hand. “I’m your 4 PM appointment.”

The banker gave the other person a rueful smile and ushered me into her office.

“But I was here first!” complained the man. “Why does he get to cut in front of me?”

“He had the 4 PM appointment.” The banker stepped into her office and waved me to a seat. After verifying my ID, she placed her notary book on her desk and reached into a drawer for her stamp. While she was doing this, I placed a recently made blueberry-lemon pound cake candle on her desk.

blueberry lemon pound cake candle

An eyebrow arched as she regarded the candle. “What’s this?”

“It’s a gift,” I explained. “It’s a token of appreciation for the service you’re about to render.”

“We’re not supposed to accept gifts,” sighed the woman. Her nose twitched. “Is that blueberry I smell?” She leaned over the candle and took another sniff. “And lemon cake?”

I pushed the candle towards her. “Think of this as marketing research,” I said. This is a blueberry lemon pound cake candle. It’s the reason I’m here today. I needed a notarized stamp for my DBA form.” I pointed at the company’s name at the top of the paper. “I’m launching a start up called Tasty-Candles. I specialize in making novelty candles that look and smell like real food.”

The banker lifted the candle. While holding it in front of her face, she inhaled a deep breath. “It’s so lemony and juicy and sweet smelling. And you MADE THIS?”

I nodded.

“And you’re selling these?”

I nodded.

“Where could I buy one?”

I explained that I wasn’t currently selling anything because I still needed to register my business with the county clerk. I also needed to set up a business bank account.

The woman seemed disappointed until I told her about the Tasty-Candles blog. “I’m planning to launch this business in late October,” I explained. “The blog will link to my virtual store with Shop Nevada.”

It didn’t take long for the notary to witness my signature and to notarize my form. After taking another sniff at the candle I had given her, she invited the man who had been ahead of me to step into her office. Just in case you were wondering, she kept the candle.

It’s now been over a month since I applied for and received my state business license for Tasty-Candles. I am making slow but steady progress in launching my on-line shop. Pictured below is a flowchart of my progress.

current status of my business plan

In the meanwhile, I’m continuing to work on candle production testing and design. Having previously made pie slice and tart candles, I thought I would turn my hand to making a cake candle. Having recently received a silicone cake slice mold from Czechoslovakia, I initially made a yellow cake candle. Since the cake was a bit narrow, I only used two wicks.

After waiting for two weeks for the candles to cure, I did a test burn. As you can see from the picture, above right, the burn was uneven. The wick at the narrow end of the cake burned more quickly since there was less wax at the end. The other wick burned a lot more slowly.

When I made a strawberry cake candle, I resolved this problem by using warm wax to “glue” two slices together to form a single large section. This allowed me to put two wicks on the wider part with one at the bottom.

Since my sister is allergic to eggs and food coloring, I think she would likely have appreciated this cake. As a child she always got extra presents for her birthday as a way of compensating for the fact that she couldn’t eat cake. During her birthday party, my parents would stick a birthday candle in a piece of styrfoam just so she could have a candle to blow out.

My strawberry cake candle is much more realistic than a piece of styrofoam. This particular cake smells of sugar, strawberries, butter cream, and vanilla. The candy sprinkles are real. Since they’re made of food grade wax, they’ll melt quite well.

In the meanwhile, I’ve also completed some variations of the chocolate pound cake that I wrote about in my last post. Pictured below is a chocolate pound cake with buttercream frosting that was topped with whipped cream and a strawberry.

Pictured here is another chocolate pound cake that was topped with whipped cream and a cherry.

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