Baby Corn Silicone Molds and a New Stir Fry Candle

After returning home from work on Friday, I found a package in my mailbox from an eBay vendor who lives and works in China. The package contained a pair of silicone molds for the production of baby corn. I had almost forgotten about this order since I placed it over two months ago. Pictured below are the first two wax products that I made using this mold.

Unlike baby carrots which are carrots that have been cut into petite shapes by machines at a food processing plant, baby corn is literally immature corn on the cob. This corn is so tender that it may be eaten cob and all.

As a child living in Bangkok, Thailand, our cook served baby corn during the rainy season from May through October when corn was harvested. After spending an hour husking this corn, she would rinse it clean of corn silk and would then stir fry it with ginger and garlic and mixed vegetables to serve as a side dish for roasted pork or chicken.

Fresh baby corn is sweet and tasty. It’s also really hard to find here in the United States. While canned baby corn is often found in the Asian section of a local supermarket, the canned variety just isn’t as crisp or delicious as the fresh product.

I used the baby corn I made to produce this stir fried vegetable candle. In addition to the baby corn, this candle includes broccoli, cauliflower, baby carrots, asparagus, and mushrooms.

The candle smells of soy sauce with ginger and garlic. I even added some simulated sauce using medium density candle gel that was dyed a dark brown.

As with the other candles from my Chinese food line, this candle was assembled by hand and is part of a very limited production line that I created just to see if I could actually do this. Pictured below from top left going clockwise are some of my other Asian food themed candles. These include Szechuan pork, beef with shrimp, beef with broccoli, pepper steak, orange chicken with shrimp, and the aforementioned stir fried vegetable candle.

All of these candles will be sold in my virtual store once the store is up and running.

The baby corn featured in the Szechuan pork candle were made from a mold that I created. Unlike the full length mold that I just received, my mold featured small round sections of sliced baby corn.

Since no one that I know of currently make a soy sauce candle oil fragrance, I simulated my own by mixing brown sugar with lemon and just a touch of hickory smoke.


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