A Final Hurdle to Launching Tasty-Candles and My First Apple Candles

Prior to launching Tasty-Candles, I needed to:

  1. Create products for sale
  2. Market my business
  3. License my business
  4. Submit a notarized DBA (doing business as) certificate to the county clerk
  5. Register with the state tax department
  6. Create an on-line store
  7. Secure liability insurance
  8. Open a commercial bank account
  9. Link the store through Paypal to this bank account

I wanted to complete the 9th step of my business plan this weekend but have run into another hitch.

PayPal cannot confirm that I’m actually authorized to have access to my commercial bank account. To confirm that I was the account holder of record, after having provided my bank’s routing and account numbers, this payment processing company wanted to text a one time security access code to my phone number.

The two phone numbers that PayPal offered to use were not numbers that I recognized. When I opted for an alternative line and entered my actual phone number, the system told me that no such number was in their records.

The local branch manager was not helpful. She said that she couldn’t do anything to assist me because all commercial accounts are handled through the corporate office. In looking at my online profile both at PayPal and at the bank, I don’t see any phone numbers other than mine. I have now sent an email to the bank’s corporate office with a screen shot of the phone numbers in question and a request that they confirm that all of their information about my account is correct. I have done the same thing with PayPal. If I can’t get this problem sorted out on Monday, I will likely have to close this account and open a new account at a bank where it doesn’t take an hour and a half to open an account only to later find out that the bank made a mistake by having given me the wrong account number. Since writing about my experience with opening a commercial bank account, I have since learned from a teller that it wasn’t really the bank account number that was wrong. The banker allegedly gave me a consumer account instead of a commercial account. The only way to change this was to void the consumer account which is why I was frozen out of my account last week.

newly created Genoa cherry cake candles – coming to Tasty-Candles in November of 2021

On the brighter side, in addition to having created Genoa cherry cake candles over this weekend, I made a silicone mold for an apple. Pictured below is my first production test model. I have now started the production of apple candles which look and smell like juicy red apples.

These candles are really easy to make. Unlike most of my candles which require some degree of assembly, this candle was made by melting wax, stirring in dye, adding an apple candle oil fragrance, and pouring the mix into the mold. After removing the candle from the mold, I added a wick which aside from the color, looks very much like a stem.

As with the Belgian waffles and Genoa cherry cake candles that I have been making, all of these new products will be added to my store’s virtual inventory in November after they’ve had a minimum of two weeks to cure. Curing (or aging) a newly made candle allows time for the candle fragrance to be evenly distributed throughout the wax. This also gives time for the wax to harden.

Genoa cherry cake and Belgian waffle candles

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