Tasty-Candles is Open for Business

Having sorted out the problem with linking my commercial bank account to PayPal through a call to PayPal’s customer service, I tested the link by making an Etsy purchase using this new account. Having previously purchased some neon candle dye through a personal account, I’ve been looking for a new project that would allow me to incorporate these bright colors.

neon candle dye

On Etsy I found a silicone mold for the dragon egg cake decoration that’s pictured below. The mold is quite small and only measures 2.9 X 4.3 centimeters. This is the equivalent of 1.14 x 1.69 inches. While this dragon egg would be too small as a stand alone candle, I thought it might be perfect as a decorative centerpiece for a miniature cake candle.

Having recently created Genoa cherry cake candles, I thought it might be fun to switch out the large cherry centerpiece for a dragon egg that I could then paint using these bright neon colors.

Since the vendor is overseas, it will be at least 3 weeks before I receive this order.

Genoa cherry cake candle

After PayPal confirmed this purchase, I was able to confirm on-line activity through my bank account’s dashboard. I also confirmed that this transaction had occurred through my PayPal dashboard.

Having confirmed that I now have access to a payment processing company, I have uploaded an initial inventory of 136 candles divided among 28 different products to my virtual store. I look forward to seeing whether there are any interest in my handcrafted candles. Even if there is only a minimum interest, my accountant will now be able to deduct all of my business expenses from my 2021 tax return. As long as I can begin generating a profit within 3 years, the IRS will consider Tasty-Candles to be a business as opposed to simply being an eccentric hobby.

I have posted a link to my virtual store on the home page of this blog. You may also visit my store by clicking here.

new candles that will be added to my virtual store in November (Genoa cherry cake and apple candles)

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