Getting Back to the Basics with Goat Milk and Gylcerin Cinnamon Roll Soap

Three years before I began making candles, I used to make soap. Just as all of my candles have always had a food theme, my soap also looked and smelled like real food. Pictured below are some of my first production models that were made around 2004. From top left going clockwise are hamburger, T-bone, pizza, and pumpkin pie soaps. Most of these soaps were made using goat milk. The hamburger and pizza crust were made using an oil and lye based soap that I made in a crockpot.

While rearranging my garage to facilitate setting up an area to pack and ship orders for Tasty-Candles, I came across four pounds of unscented goat’s milk and glycerin soap. Although it’s been several years since I last worked with soap, I decided to use what I found to produce some cinnamon rolls. Pictured below is one of the products I made. My supply of goat’s milk soap was just enough to make eight cinnamon roll soaps.

It was nice to work with soap again. The soap I made is fragrant with the aroma of melted butter, caramelized brown sugar, yeasty bread, and spicy warm cinnamon. I acquired this soap because goat’s milk is a natural moisturizer. It also has a lot of Vitamin E which makes it nourishing for your skin. The high gylcerin content gives this product additional foaming and moisturizing properties.

I used to make soap as a sideline to sell at my Victorian B&B Inn. After the recession slammed my business, I closed the inn and moved away to become a Culinary Arts instructor. Pictured below is my former inn. I sold it at a loss in 2014 and was relieved to do so since it had become a huge financial albatross in terms of taxes and maintenance. It didn’t help that irresponsible realtors would sometimes crank up the heat during the winter and leave without having bothered to turn the thermostat back down. This cost me hundreds of extra dollars in unnecessary heating costs.

The inn began life as a rural farm house that was built in 1873. It was converted into a 7 bedroom inn with attached bathrooms around 2000 and included an innkeeper’s suite on the 3rd floor. I operated this inn for three years and owned it for eleven more. The inn has since been converted into a multi-family dwelling.

I have added my 8 cinnamon roll soap products to the Tasty-Candles inventory at Shop Nevada.

While soap is a lot easier to work with than wax, one drawback is that it’s very hard to make soap look moist and juicy. Pictured below are two tart products that I’ve made. The one on the left is soap that was made using goat’s milk. The one on the right is a candle that was primarily made using soy wax. The moisture of the filling was simulated using medium density candle gel.

Although I have tried using clear glycerin to simulate moisture, the effect doesn’t last very long and dried out glycerin leaves an unpleasant looking dry film.

Having used up my remaining inventory of soap, I have not yet decided whether or not I will make any more. Short of expanding my workshop from the former dining room into the adjacent living room, I’m already at capacity in terms of storage space. It’s not just a matter of acquiring more goat milk soap. If I were going to make more food themed soap products, I would also have to expand my existing stock of 300+ fragrance oils. While some of these oils are skin friendly, many are not and were only designed for use with making candles.

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