Merry Christmas from Tasty-Candles!

I photoshopped this festive picture because I can’t have a Christmas tree in real life. The cats destroyed my last tree. Several low hanging ornaments were batted off the branches. The cats then toppled the tree when one or more of them tried to climb it.

I have Christmas presents for the cats hidden in the garage. They’ll be getting some new cat furniture as well as some toys and some kitty treats.

I look forward to spending a quiet holiday with my cats. This Christmas will be a lot better than my last Christmas when I had on-going non-Covid medical issues that had me in and out of two different hospitals over a period of six months.

It is good to be alive, to be in reasonably good health, and to have time to spend with my furry friends. Seasons greetings to all from Tasty-Candles!

Edit: 12/25/2021

On Christmas day I got a text message from a colleague asking me to look on my porch. On a porch bench I found a large festive tin filled with homemade fudge. I was also given a plate of deliciously moist cinnamon-apple cakes.

I emptied the tin and replaced the fudge with two candles which I gave her as a belated Christmas present. Pictured below is a brownie a la mode candle topped with caramel sauce, toasted pecans, and berries. It smells as good as it looks.

I also gave her this shish-kabob candle which features a corn cobette, a chunk of grilled beef, a red skinned potato, and a Brussels sprout. The candle smells of corn, beef, hickory smoke, and garlic.

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