Out with the Old and in with the New: Recycling Shipping Materials

Happy 2022!

2020 was an unprecedented year for on-line shopping. An astounding FOUR TRILLION on-line purchases were made worldwide last year. According to Optinmonster, 69% of all Americans made at least one on-line purchase in 2021. This percentage is expected to rise to 81% by 2023. With a projected population of 334.27 million American citizens this means that there could be as 270.7 million on-line purchases just within the United States

While some people may have avoided brick and mortar stores to make on-line purchases due to the on-going pandemic, prior to the advent of Covid there were also a lot of people like myself who turned to on-line shopping for items that were simply not available within our respective local areas.

Within the past year, I have purchased soy wax, candle wicks, silicone mix, and dyes for my business. I’ve purchased uniforms including toques, culinary jackets and black trousers for work. None of these items were available locally.

Since my candle making business has taken over my kitchen, I’ve been purchasing some of my meals through Door Dash. As a result of these food orders, I’ve collected a variety of plastic food storage containers from Chili’s, Denny’s, and Perkins. My Amazon and Chewy purchases have also left me with a variety of cardboard boxes, paper wrapping, bubble wrap, and foam popcorn.

Prior to opening Tasty-Candles I purchased two different sizes of cardboard boxes along with packaging tape and foam popcorn. With the exception of the tape I haven’t used any of these supplies.

Last week I opened a small box containing a new silicone mold that I had ordered from an Etsy business. Instead of breaking this box down to add to the recycling bin, I used it to ship an order for a cinnamon roll soap made from goat milk.

A Wendy’s bag and a cinnamon roll made from goat milk’s soap

Since I wanted to cushion the soap, I used a Wendy’s bag from a Door Dash order that had once stored two oatmeal bars. After placing the soap in the bag, I put the bag in the box and used plastic shopping bags from my last grocery run to pad the interior.

After sealing the box with tape, I gave it to one of my cats (Hunter) for a quality control inspection. Although Hunter was initially overcome by his newfound responsibilities; after receiving a kitty treat he happily pawed the box, sniffed it, and pronounced it good to go. With Hunter’s approval, I took the package to t he post office and shipped it. The cinnamon roll goat milk soap was the last order that I sent out in 2021.

This was Hunter’s expression after I appointed him as the new quality control manager for shipping.

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