About Me

Chef David Chin

My name is David Chin. By day I teach Culinary Arts. When I am not at work, I enjoy making candles that look and smell like real food. 

Although my father would likely say that I have always enjoyed food because I’m something of a glutton (or used to be before my doctor put me on a Keto diet plan), I would have to say that my interest in food dates back to my time living abroad. Since my father was a doctor who specialized in tropical diseases with the U.S. Public Health Service, I spent most of my childhood in Ghana, Thailand, and El Salvador. As an adult, I later taught at American schools in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and Beirut, Lebanon. 

Seventeen years of combined expatriate experience have taught me to appreciate food from around the world. As a chef my culinary perspective is that of international comfort foods. I am just as happy making an American regional dish such as a Cajun Shrimp Étouffée as I am with making open faced glazed berry tarts with white chocolate ganache, British fish and chips, or a Lebanese Mujadara rice pilaf.

My interest in making food themed candles evolved from my interest in making soap. As the former innkeeper/owner of the Inn at Elizabethville, I used to pass the time on slow days by making soap to stock in my guest bedrooms. To read more about this story from “about this blog,” please click here.

One of the nice things about working with food themed candles is that despite their mouth watering aromas, these candles will never add to my waistline or yours. Unlike real food, which will go bad unless you eat it, these candles will never go bad. Light them to enjoy their delicious aromas or keep them on your mantle as decorative accents.

Pictured above are real berry tarts that were created by my culinary students. Pictured below is a berry candle tart. At the very bottom is a tart made from soap.